BC-304C " Juggernaut"Edit

The Modified version of the BC-304C was Nicknamed "The Juggernaut" because it was the most powerfull ship they had.


  • Class: Daedalus
  • Designation: 304C
  • Type: Cruiser
  • Role: Defense Cruiser
  • Users: Those who can afford it
  • Length: 500 meters
  • Hull: Steel/Titanium
  • Capacity:
    • Crew: unknown
    • Maximum: 300?
  • Powerplant:
    • 4x Type X-6 Naquahdah Reactor
  • Propulsion:
    • 2x Large Ion Drives
    • 4x Medium Ion Drives
    • 2x MWs/Goauld Hybrid Interstellar Hyperdrive
  • Armament:
    • 10x 70mm Railgun
    • 4x VLS tubes [100xLRM02 Missiles/Naquahdah Warhead]
    • 2x Mark V Plasma Cannon
    • 4x Mark IV Plasma Cannon
  • Defenses:
    • 6x 20mm Railguns
    • Mark IV Shield Generator
  • Additional Technology:
    • Ring Platform
    • Sensor Array

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