Crysalix Crysallus cores are highly advanced "powersources"

Crysallus cores get their power like Power Crystals

Well Of Eternal PowerEdit

The Well Of Eternal Power is the name for a dimension wich houses the collective power of the crysalix and the asadon.

Utilizing the idea that within our universe, multiple other universes exists, the crysalix created an artificial dimension similar to one used by a ZPM. This dimension was self sustaining, and self expanding/shrinking. once this was done, they tore holes in the fabric of the universe between the Well and the Miniverses. Everything within these universes would be destroyed, turned to energy, and be transported to the Well. there, it would be turned to matter and antimatter, in perfect balance, constantly destroying and recreating itself. the more energy, the bigger the Well was, although its size doesnt influence the regular Universe. then, Power Crystals and Crysallus cores can drain power from it in MAM-components: Matter-AntiMatter reaction components, the amount of energy created from one Matter-AntiMatter reaction. A Crysallus core or Power Crystal can store this energy and then use it to power devices. the maximum power drained is limited by the Physical size of the Crysallus Core.

Types of Crysallus CoresEdit

the Main difference between Power Crystals and Crysallus cores is, that a Core creates a field capable of sustaining crysalix over a large distance, and is usually Possesed by a Crysalix. Crysalix use Crysallus cores, the Asadon use Power Crystals

Small Crysallus CoreEdit

Used to Power Crysalix Suits. powers palladins and zealots

Medium Crysallus CoreEdit

Used to power Asadon Crion Ships, medium Crysalix cities

Large Crysallus CoreEdit

Used to power Crysalix Pylon Ships, Large Crysalix cities

Gargantuan Crysallus CoreEdit

Used to Power Crysalix Core Ships, Crysalix Metropolises