Abydos Class Missile DestroyerEdit

The Abydos is the Missile Destroyer of the Alternate Gateworld Fleet.

~Design Specifications~Edit

-Class: Abydos

-Designation: DDG-317

-Type: medium hyperspace-capable assault ship

-Role: Missile Destroyer

-Users: Tau'ri

-Length: 243 meters

-Beam: 88 meters

-Height: 42 meters

-Hull: Trinium/Steel/Naquadah

~Crew: 24
~Maximum: 90

~1x Mark III Naquadah Generator
~3x Backup Mark I Naquadah Generators

~2x Medium Plasma Drives
~1x Tau'ri Hyperdrive

~3x Mk. II Plasma cannon
~6x 50mm railguns
~16x VLS missile tubes (162 SM-3S missiles with W81-Mk. VI-Naquadah-enhaced nuclear warheads)

~Mark I Shield Generator
~Sensor Jamming - Active and Passive

-Additional Technology:
~Asgard Beaming Technology
~Tau'ri Beam-Loader prototype
~Subspace Receiver
~Sensor Array
~Subspace Communicator
~Subspace Locater Beacon
~'Black Box'

~History and Technical Notes~Edit

After the destruction of the Asurans in 2012, the war with the Wraith began. To combat the Wraith, more ship classes were put into production, and one of them was the DDG-317 Abydos. A Missile Destroyer, capable of firing a large number of nukes at the enemy in a short time, the armament of the 317 meant there was less chance of the missiles being intercepted by enemy fighters, and thus greater damage being dealt to the Hives. Normally traveling in pairs, and capable of firing 8 missiles at a time at a high rate of fire, a pair of 317s are more than a match for a Wraith Cruiser and on very rare occasions have even managed to destroy a Hive.

One of the new features on the 317 was the Tau’ri Beam Loader, a modified Asgard beam used to move the missiles from the missile bays and into the VLS tubes, which is what helps give it a high rate of fire. At the current rate we can build eight 317s a year; but this number will improve once more ship building facility’s can be built.

~Ships of this Class~Edit

- X (DDG)-317-01 Abydos

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