Dark Fury Wisps are created when a Dark Fury Archon is destroyed, or when two whisps merge Dark Fury Wisps are semi-intelligent blobs of plasma. they are a fraction of a Crysalix's essence, making them capable of exerting direct control over it, or allowing the wisp to act on its own. they are telepathic and telekinetic, and can fire bolts and beams of energy, at the cost of essence. they are capable of exploding in a telekinetic/pshychic and Plasma Explosion, packing quite a punch.


  • Plasma beams
    • directed Plasma beam. use costs essence
  • Plasma Bolts
    • Plasma bolts travel fast and can be fired rapidly. use costs essence
  • Electrical Attack
    • bolt of electricity [similar to anubis' superweapon] is fired. can act as chain or forkened lightning attacks. costs power
  • Electrical Ball
    • similar to the Electrical Attack, except it fires a ball wich explodes in multiple Electrical attacks. costs power
  • telekinesis
    • much weaker than crysalix. used to fly and hover fast and to maneuvre quickly.
  • telepathy
    • much weaker than Crysalix. used to link with other wisps for maximum efficiency.
  • Reanimation
    • a whisp can Posses someone, animating him like a puppet. once leaving the body, it becomes dead again
  • fusion
    • continuing fusing with others results in the creation of a Crysalix
  • detonation
    • detonates the Whisp in a powerfull explosion of psy power, Electrical attacks and plasma, packing quite a punch
  • semi-intelligence
    • semi intelligence make plasma wisps seeking weapons. allows them to adapt to strategies, and prevens them to make too many mistakes.
  • Nova
    • perhaps the most powerfull attack, Nova allows the Whisp to quicly team up with other wisps, who form a ball of energy and suddenly detonate in a much more powerfull explosion, identical to a Detonate attack but on a bigger scale

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