Naquadah Reactors:Edit

- Mark Ia: Commonly used naquadah generator; the latest version has 150% more power generation than the older Mark I.

- Mark Ib: Used to power the X-699. Is used for portable plasma rifles. 1% of a Mark I.

- Mark II: Produces 6 times the power of a Mk. I when in a constant, barely-controlled overload; on normal mode it generates 200% of a Mk. I =

- Mark III: The newest batch; this larger reactor is often carried on a MALP chassis. It produces 4 times the power of a standard version; used to power Atlantis and 304s.

- Mark IV: A highly advanced reactor, common onboard ships larger than a 304. Produces 8 times the power of a Mk. I.

- Mark V: under development


Variable. Steel and Titanium are used mostly, due to Naquadah and Trinium being scarce.

Sublight Engines:Edit

- IDS; Inertialess Drive System: Capable of producing ~300 Newtons of thrust (300 m/s/s). Top speed is 70% of C.

- Small IMG-boosted (intertialess maneuvering grid) VASIMIR drive: Capable of producing 1,000 Newtons of thrust (1,000 m/s/s). Top speed is 60% of C.

- Medium IMG-boosted VASIMIR drive: Capable of producing 2,500 Newtons of thrust (2,500 m/s/s). Top speed is 60% of C.

- Large IMG-boosted VASIMIR drive: Capable of producing 5,000 Newtons of thrust (5,000 m/s/s). Top speed is 60% of C.

FTL Engines:Edit

- Goa'uld-Based Interstellar Hyperdrive

- Tau'ri Asgard-based Intergalactic Hyperdrive


- Mark I: Daedalus/Prometheus level shielding; Asgard-based.

- Mark II: A Mk. I varient upgraded by Dr. McKay's. 150% of a Mark I. Its generator is 120% larger.

- Mark III: Advanced shield used only by the Aurora Class vessels due to the amount of power needed to acivate it.

- Mark IV: Upgraded Goa'uld-based shield: 25% of a Mark I shield, used on small ships.

Kinetic Weapons:Edit


- 20mm: anti-fighter

- 50mm: regular ship-to-ship

- 100mm: very powerfull version; anti-capital ship

AKEWs (Alteran-based Kinetic Energy Weapons):

- KEW-1 (Type I): ship-to-ship cannon; 240 megaton yield.

Plasma weapons:Edit

- X (PC)-399A: First Tau'ri-built plasma cannon; rifle or turret-mounted. Approximately equivalent to an Ori Staff Weapon.

- HPC-401 (Mark I): First functional ship-mounted weapon, fighter style. Approximately equivalent to 90% of a Deathglider cannon.

- HPC-402 (Mark II): Heavier version; 150 megaton yield.

- HPC-403 (Mark III): Capital cannon; 360 megaton yield.

- HPC-405 (Mark IV): Wraith based cannons; 600 megaton yield. The latest version, and quite hard to produce.


- AIM-54E - Space-Varient of the AIM-54 ECCM/Sealed; long-range missile used by smaller ships for BVR (Beyond Visual Range) engagements

- AIM-120F AM/S - Space-Varient of the AIM-120E Advanced Missile; typical WVR (Within Visual Range) combat missile for smaller ships

- SM-3S - Standard Missile 3 Space-Varient; used on most larger ships

- SM-3S/B - A SM-3S varient designed to hold a Mk. IX warhead

- MIKV-1; Horizon Weapons Platform - An MIKV (Multiple Independant Kill Vehicle) that carries 4 decoys and 6 Mk. IX warheads in individual SM-3S/B missiles

Potassium-Naquadah (KNq) Warheads:Edit

- KNq-1 - A Potassium/Naquadah warhead system, the KNq-1 is a high-yield, non-nuclear warhead with a maximum yield of 1 kiloton. It is an option for fighter and bomber-launched missiles, and bombs for use against tactical, planetary, or space-based targets. It can serve as an effective anti-fighter squadron weapon in fleet engagements and can deal heavy damage to "soft" targets; such as Wraith hive ship fighter bays and other vital systems. It can be encased in a Tungsten railgun round and used as ammo in standard railgun systems, and can also be used in ground-based artillery.

- KNq-2 - A larger-yield KNq warhead, it has a maximum yield of 5 kt. It can be carried aboard SM-3S ship-to-ship missiles, and can be employed against tactically significant targets where a nuclear weapon is not practical.

Strategic Nuclear Weapons:Edit

- W80 - Mk. V

- W81 - Mk. VI

- W96 - Mk. VII - VIII - A variable yield weapon, using only the fission primary it has a yield of just under 500 kt. Maximum yield is 10,000 Mt. Joined with the SM-3S Standard missile, this forms the Mk. VII and Mk. VIII tactical missile systems employed by the Daedalus Class starships and other large craft.

- W97 - Mk. IX - Strategic nuclear weapon system (codenamed "Gatebuster"). Maximum employable yield is 812 Gt.

- W98 - Mk. X - Under development: strategic naquadria bomb (codenamed "Harbinger")


Power GeneratorsEdit

- Goa'uld Liquid Naquadah Power Cell (approx. an original Mk. I)
- Goa'uld Naquadah Power Core (approx. a Mk. III)
- Goa'uld Naquadah Generator (approx. a Mk. I.5)


- Carbon/Naquadah/Steel (Steel is currently used on Dakara and Needle Threader)

Sublight EnginesEdit

- Medium Plasma Drives
- Goa'uld IDS

FTL EnginesEdit

- Goa'uld-Based Interstellar Hyperdrive
- Tau'ri Asgard-based Intergalactic Hyperdrive


- Level I Goa'uld Shields (Apophis)
- Level II Goa'uld Shields (Anubis)
- Level III Goa'uld-based Shields (135% of Anubis)

Plasma WeaponsEdit

- Mk. I Tau'ri Cannon; 90% of a Small Plasma Cannon (Used only on Dakara)
- Small Plasma Cannon (deathglider)
- Medium Plasma Cannon; 120 megatons
- Heavy Plasma Cannon; 300 megatons (Ha'tak)
- Defensive Plasma Cannon; 60 megatons (Al'kesh)
- Mk. III Tau'ri Cannon; 360 megatons (Used only on Dakara)

- Plasma Bomb; 200 megatons

Other TechnologyEdit

- Goa'uld Cloaking Device



Multi WorldsEdit

Power PlantEdit

Naquahdah GeneratorEdit

  • Type X-1. 50% of a Tauri Mark 1. portable.
  • Type X-2. 110% of a Tauri Mark I. Ship Generator.

Naquahdah ReactorEdit

  • Type X-3. Equivalent of a Tauri Mark III. Ship Reactor.
  • Type X-4. 2x bigger than X-2, 230% more power. Only on the newest ships.


  • level I shield. 10% of a Tauri Mark I shield
  • level II shield. 25%of a Tauri Mark I shield
  • level III shield. 35% of a Tauri Mark I shield


  • Chemical engines. Cheapest. [.3c]
  • Plasma engine. [.5c]


  • Interstellar Hyperdrive.


Kinetic WeaponsEdit

  • 10mm Railguns
  • 20mm Railguns
  • 40mm Railguns.

Plasma WeaponsEdit

  • Type I plasma cannon. 20 Megatons.
  • Type II plasma cannon. 100 Megatons
  • Type III Plasma cannon. 220 Megatons


  • STS01 : Ship to Ship missile, is a short range missile, has a small explosion(mostly used on fighters). Has chemical engine. .1Kt.
  • STS02 : Ship to Ship missile. LRM, Has Chemical Engine. 2.5 KT.
  • STS03: Ship to Ship missle. LRM, Naquadah enhanced. 4MT. [12MT enhanced],
  • LRM01 : Nuclear missile. Can be enhanced with naquadah. 50MT[80MT enchanced].


Magnetic Accellerator AmmoEdit
  • Type I RKV. 2330 Kg, .2c, 1000MT
  • Type II RKV. 742 Kg, .5c, 2000MT
Magnetic Accellerator CannonsEdit
  • MAC-1 Type I Ammo
  • MAC-2 Type I/II Ammo
Particle Accellerator CannonsEdit
  • LPAC: 84 Petajoules/second [50MT]
  • MPAC: 420 Petajoules/second [100MT]
  • HPAC 840 Petajoules/second [200MT]

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