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"Only three things are certain in life, those are War, Death, and Taxes."

-Ranto Gillick in speech to his fleet before Raknash Great Battle, August 16, 2055

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The Destiny Tau'ri; a GWVF race

The Destiny Tau'ri are the descendants of the humans who arrived on the ancient starship Destiny in 2009, and command a vast empire in the Icarus galaxy. They call themselves the Destinas, and are the most powerful people in the Icarus more

Featured Image

-The Capital-ship Dreadnaught Leviathon under the command of Admiral Richardson.

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Navo Anquieta

Gateworld Fleet News

The first language created specifically for a Gateworld Fleets Race
The Crysalix pages are currently experiencing massive daily additions...check often!
New System Alliance General Malak
The New System Alliance is being updated, a new faction for Virtual Fleet 4.0 along with the main character General Malak

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