~Design Specifications~Edit

-Class: Ha'tak

-Type: Mothership

-Role: Large Attack Ship

-Users: Jaffa

-Length: 710 meters

-Beam: 690 meters

-Height: 360 meters

-Hull: Naquadah/Carbon

~1x Goa'uld Naquadah Power Core

~1x Goa'uld IDS
~1x Tau'ri-based Hyperdrive

~18x Heavy Goa'uld Plasma Cannon

~Level II Goa'uld Shields
~8x Defensive Plasma Turrets

-Additional Tech:
~4x Ring Platforms

~History and Technical Notes~Edit

The main ship of the Jaffa fleet, the Hatak has been around since the Goa'uld used them in the Milky Way. The Jaffa added in the intergalatic hyperdrive as well as defensive turrets.

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