Species OverviewEdit

Homeworld: Unknown
Home Galaxy: Aquarius
Home System: Unknown
Current Population: Former: trillions. Current: Few.
Primary Language: Hemeran, Early Alteran
Skin Tone: Black/Grey/Purple
Major Planets: Unknown
Affiliation: Hemerans, Navo Anquieta
Current GATO Status Neutral


The Hemerans are a multimillion year old race. they have a maniacal obsession to know, and their ultimate goal is simple: knowing all. one million years ago, they vanished, largely extinct due to their obsession: a superweapon making The dakaran superweapon look like nothing. being experimenting-happy, they feared one experiment might go wrong, and used the research of the weapon to make sure, any race, anywhere in the galaxy could be annihilated. fearing that might not be enough, it was further enhanced, to the point where a planet's surface would be annihilated. it was through the testfire, that the weapon actually annihilated the hemerans. little is known about them, except for the fact that they posses vast knowledge.


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