Name: M3Δ(-769)
Galaxy: M-31, The Andromeda Galaxy
System: M3Δ-769
Sun(s): 1; yellow dwarf
Moon(s): 1
Main Species: none
Population: unknown
Primary Language: English (formerly), now Ril'Kyr
Surface: Earth-like
Major Cities: none
Affiliation: Shrin'Yar Empire
Current Status: Occupied by Shrin'Yar Forces

M3Δ-769 was a Tau'ri research base that was captured by the Shrin'Yar.


M3Δ-769 was a Tau'ri weapons-research facility established after the Reaper War to study and test new ion-based technologies for ground forces. It was one of the first worlds to fall during the Shrin'Yar invasion.