Needle ThreaderEdit

~Design Specifications~Edit

-Class: Needle Threader

-Role: Attack Fighter

-Users: Jaffa

-Length: 4 meters

-Beam: 6.5 meters

-Height: 6.5 meters

~1 Pilot
~1 Gunner

-Hull: Steel

~1x Naquadah Generator

~Goa'uld IDS

~2x Small Plasma Cannon

~History And Technical Notes~Edit

While in Pegasus, the Jaffa decided to resurrect the 'Needle Threader' gate-fighter design. Atlantis had jumpers, The Wraith had darts, and the Jaffa didn't want to stay behind. The dust was blown off the old design, and it was renewed utilizing more advanced navigation systems copied and derived from jumpers. This way, an easy gate travel protocol could be made that allowed swift and easy gate travel without the need for extremely skilled pilots

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