Planet OverviewEdit

Name: New Earth

Galaxy: Icarus Galaxy

System: Terra Nova System

Sun(s): 1 yellow dwarf

Moon(s): 5

Main Species: Humans (Destinas)

Population: about 1 billion

Primary language: English

Surface: Forest, Mountain, Plains

Major cities: New Manchester

Affiliation: GATO, Destinas

Current GATO status: Destinas world

Governor: General Ranto


New Earth was founded in 2057 A.D., shortly after the Raknash conflict. It was to be the third major planet in the Destinas empire, in order to be able to govern the far provinces better. General Ranto was appointed Governor for his conduct during the Raknash conflict. The city of New Manchester was founded on the surface, about half a mile from the stargate. A railway line goes all the way up to the stargate, even through it. A receiving line is on Coruscant, so that a train can go through the gate and arrive on Coruscant without a problem. Trips are once a day. A ship yard has been built in the form of a ring around the planet, where ships are built, repaired, and docked. Ships do not often land on the surface of the planet, but dock with the ring and the crew beam down.