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May 2008Edit

1. The HC-307 Aurora; an AlternateUniverse VF Ship

The brainchild of Doctor Rodney McKay, the X-307, christened the Aurora, became the first Tau'ri built ship capable of surviving a one-on-one encounter with a Wraith Hive. Its revolutionary Mark III shield, while drawing massive amounts of power, is capable of fighting a prolonged conflict with a Hive, and its powerful engines help it to evade incoming fire.

The Aurora class can fire any armament the Tau'ri have to more

2. The New Spartan History; a GWVF race

The Roman General Thatus had ten parties made up to send through the Stargate. These parties included scholars, soldiers, and other Roman citizens. One of the groups that went through the Gate also brought several hundred slaves with them on this expedition. One of these groups were slaves from Greece, including Spartans and Athenians. The Greek slaves were treated worse than the African-Slaves in America's history. They were beaten, raped, given little to no food, little shelter and other vital supplies. Many of the slaves remembered their warrior ways, and over time the slave population rebelled against their Roman more

3. The Shrin'Yar; a GWVF race

"Dei loor'ne caq fre'uun sy weu'lar ine'w, dei shrin korrec verx'jr."
"And so the 'inferior ones' will be moved aside to make way for those who are superior, and thus destined to rule."
- Shrin'Yar Saying

The Shrin'Yar are an alien race from M-101, bent on the conquest of all other species in the known more

January 2009Edit

4. The Crysalix; a GWVF race

"Real power can only be handled by those who are made for it. Which does not refer to you and your pathetic kind."
- Crysalix to a Navo Anquieta

The Crysalix are an alien race from Aquarius, bent on the annihilation of all other species in the known universe to "correct" a mistake made in a long forgotten more

March 2010Edit

5. The Destiny Tau'ri; a GWVF race

The Destiny Tau'ri are the descendants of the humans who arrived on the ancient starship Destiny in 2009, and command a vast empire in the Icarus galaxy. They call themselves the Destinas, and are the most powerful people in the Icarus more