~Design Specifications~Edit

-Class: Tel'tak

-Role: Cargo/Scout Ship

-Users: Jaffa

-Length: 15 meters

-Beam: 10 meters

-Height: 6.5 meter

-Hull: Naquadah/Carbon

~Crew: 2
~Maximum: 20

~1x Goa'uld Naquadah Generator

~Goa'uld IDS
~Goa'uld-Based Interstellar Hyperdrive

~1x Defensive Plasma Cannon
~1x Goa'uld Cloaking Device

-Additional Tech:
~Ring Transporter

~History And Technical Notes~Edit

The Tel'tak is the cargo ship of the Jaffa; it is also used as a scout ship. The Tel'tak doesn't have normal shields like other ships, and was outfitted with a defensive cannon for survivability. It was also equipped with a cloak.

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