Name: Teruns
Galaxy: Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy
System: Ferrow
Moon(s): 2
Main Species: Karn
Population: ~50,000,000 (though constantly changing)
Primary Language: Alteran
Surface: Earth-like
Major Cities: Pillar
Affiliation: Karn Empire
Current Status: Active
The planet is protected by a vast network of Ion Cannon Placements positioned around the surface of the planet. The placements are grouped three at a time to work at optimum performance. There is also a constant fleet of at least fifteen ships orbiting the planet at anyone time.

Teruns is the home world of the Karn race, it is the resting place for the Alteran City Ship Pillar. A vast lush environment with tall forests, jungles and lagoons, it has a temperate environment.

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