Karn TimelineEdit

C. 6 Million Years BC
-Ancient City Ship “Pillar” leaves Milky Way for Pegasus.
C.6 Million Years BC
-Crashes on the planet Teruns in the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy due to discovery of Plague.
C. 6 Million Years BC
-First of the Karn Ancestors begin developing
C. 6 Million Years BC
-In an attempt to escape the Plague, the Ancients begin genetic manipulation on the primitive life forms to find a cure.
C. 6 Million Years BC
-The Ancients discover that the Karn Ancestors are immune to the Ancient plague.
C. 6 Million Years BC
-Last desperate attempt to end the plague, the Ancients set up a time dilation field over the city ship.
-Time dilation field malfunctions and is projected over the whole of the planet.

C. 5 Million Years BC
-Karn ancestors have begin expanding out from Teruns

C. 3 Million Years BC
-Karn Ancestors begin using the genetic manipulation device
C. 3 Million Years BC
-Karn race is born

C. 2 Million Years BC
-Battle of Teruns begins

C. 1,500,000 Years BC
-Battle of Teruns ends

C. 500,000 Years BC
-Battle of Alteran begins
C. 500,000 Years BC
-Sect of Alterans Formed

C. 450,000 Years BC
-Cult of Teruns formed

C. 400,000 Years BC
-Expansion of Karn Empire

C. 1000 Years BC
-Karn begin plan to find the Alterans in Milky Way Galaxy

C. ~2060 Years AD
-Karn arrive at Milky Way

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